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General FAQ

What instruments do you make cases for?
We make case covers and cases for almost any type instrument. In fact, we have made cases for some of the rarest and most unique instruments in the world.
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Do you make custom cases?
Yes, most of what we do is custom one of a kind case work.
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How long does it take to make a custom case?
The length of time depends on the brand. Here are the general guidlines:

1) Colorado Case Company soft cases and case covers allow 4 to 6 weeks.
2) Colorado Case Company hard cases allow up to 8 weeks.
3) Cavallaro case covers allow up to 4 weeks.
4) Small Dog case covers allow up to 4 weeks.
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Can I return my order if it doesnt fit?
Yes, stock orders can always be returned. Custom orders can only be returned if we made a mistake. In any case, you must get an RMA number first or your shipment will be refused on the dock.
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Can I pick up my order in person?
Yes, we have a regular store front and visitors are always welcome. If you want to stop by to pick up a case, or just want to see our facility, give us a call in advance just to make sure we are in.
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Do you make leather cases?
No, we do not make our cases using leather.
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Do I need to send a tracing?
Yes, tracings are almost always required. Even though you may have a common instrument, the case may have variations from vendor to vendor and year to year.

We guarantee that our cases will fit your tracings, but if you don't send a tracing we won't guarantee the fit. It only takes a few minutes to do a tracing and that will let us make a case for you that will fit perfectly.
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Can I send general dimensions of my case/instrument?
Yes, if the case or instrument is a rectangular or box type shape, we CAN make a case from your dimensions. We CAN NOT make a guitar or any other shaped instrument case or instrument case cover from dimensions, we will require a tracing. We 100% guarantee the fit of our cases if tracings are supplied. When providing dimensions please account for any extra spacing you want inside the case. We make the interior size to your exact specification.
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Do you offer professional discounts?
Unfortunately, most of our customers are professional musicians, and our products are largely designed for travelling professionals. Hence we don't offer any discounts.
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Where do you build your cases?
All of our products are built in Royal Oak, Colorado.
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How do you ship?
We ship UPS ground for all domestic shipments. We typically use USPS International Priority mail for international shipments. We can ship on your account, but if other than UPS, your shipment may be delayed and you may have a pickup charge.

We do not ship domestic US packages via US mail due to tracking and insurance issues.

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